Música de deesses per contes de comtes is a musical concept created for the fairytale collection Contes de comtes. Contes de comtes is a collection of six books inspired by the Medieval Ages at the time of the first Catalan county houses. Each story has a significant main character that existed around the first century, who returns to tell his adventures and anecdotes based on real life events.

The music Manelet performs spans hundreds of years of history with a cocktail of sounds that fuses medieval melodies and modern electronic music rhythms. Manelet’s pieces are inspired by “Cançoner Montserratí”; vocal songs devoted to the blessed Virgin Montserrat and her pilgrims. Manelet mixes instruments from medieval and modern times, creating an amazing ambience and atmosphere to entertain the first and current century.

Album Credits:

Music: Manel Reig
Author “Contes de Comtes”: Montse Subirana
Artwork: Susanna Campillo
Logo “Contes de Comtes”: Valentí Gubianas

Release Date 17/04/2017
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